There are two important things when it comes to looking for your dream home.  Certainly, you need to search through the real estate listings to find the house of your dreams!  But firstly, you need to know how much you can afford to spend.  The best way to ensure you have the finance to make an offer on a property is to utilise the services of a mortgage broker.

So what does a Mortgage Broker do?  A mortgage broker is also known as a home loan broker.  They are a specialist in mortgages and finance, and can assist with the entire process of getting finance approved.  A mortgage broker will firstly help to assess your financial situation.  Then, they work to find a suitable home loan package and fill out the application paperwork with the lender.

Wendy de Graaf is a caring and understanding mortgage broker who really listens to you.  She has a genuine passion to help people achieve their ambition to live in the home of their dreams.  Wendy can amply provide an answer to the question “what does a mortgage broker do”, because she has been doing if for a long time! Wendy’s assistance as your mortgage broker will also help you get on with the most important things in life.

What does a mortgage broker do?  Here are important facts:

No cost to you

Firstly, a mortgage broker provides their service at no cost to you! They are paid on commission by the bank or lending institution. There is no need for concern about this arrangement as all fees and commissions are required, by law,  to be declared to you. Every mortgage broker is required to operate within the industry regulations, and the same rules apply to everyone.

Win – win situation

Secondly, a major benefit of using a mortgage broker is that they are incentivised to work on your behalf. They effectively operate as an intermediary between you and the lender. These days there is a vast number of banks, lenders and home loan specialists.  And all of them are offering different home loan packages. A good mortgage broker knows and understands the different types of packages.  They have the insight to be able to match the property buyers’ requirements with the most suitable loan package.  They know exactly how and where to go to get the best deal.

Licensed professionals

Furthermore, mortgage brokers are required to be licensed professionals, with knowledge of finance and home loans. Choosing the right mortgage broker can simplify the process of finding the right home loan package. It is important to understand that a home loan is a long term decision, and it pays to have a long term approach. A mortgage broker like Wendy de Graaf actually cares about your long term goals and not just the short term. Wendy wishes to work with her clients in the longer term, and will work closely with you all the way along. When it comes time to upgrade your property, invest in another property, or make a lifestyle decision, sound advise is valuable.  Wendy is an experienced mortgage broker who can help take the stress out of these big decisions.

Experience benefits you, the property buyer

Wendy de Graaf is an licensed mortgage broker with many years of valuable knowledge and experience. As we all know, the real estate market has its ups and downs, and sometimes you just need the reassurance of someone who has ridden the highs and lows. Wendy’s knowledge of the real estate market is a bonus that comes with having worked in the mortgage industry for many years.

So what else can you expect of your mortgage broker?

We started by saying that finding your dream home is only part of the journey. Find the best mortgage broker is just as important! Let’s face it, we just don’t need more stress and hassles in life, so we need the best.  Wendy de Graaf achieves glowing reviews and has helped many families and individuals over the years.  So why not talk to Wendy about how she can help you find the best home loan package for your needs?

Discuss your financial circumstances

There is quite a lot involved in choosing a mortgage package to suit each circumstance.  Know that Wendy actually cares about you. Wendy takes the time to discuss her clients’ individual requirements, goals and ambitions. When it comes to making the most important financial decision of your life, it pays to take the time to get it right. The process involves working through your financial situation, including your income, expenditure, loans and lifestyle. Wendy is a big believer that people deserve to live their lives under their own desires and ambitions.  So she will strive to match a home loan package to suit her clients’ desired lifestyle.

Choose a home loan package to meet your lifestyle

Wendy takes the time to talk and discuss your requirements for your dream home and desired lifestyle. When she understands how to help you achieve your goals and ambitions, she then starts the search.  With your particular needs in mind, Wendy will identify the most suitable home loan packages on the market. Of course, Wendy can provide you with choices of the most suitable options.  But ultimately the final decision is always up to you. But the biggest advantage that a mortgage broker can offer is this:  Sometimes they have access to home loan packages that are not available elsewhere.

What is the mortgage broker process?

Manage the process

After you have selected a suitable home loan package, the important question remains.  How much can you borrow?  The process of obtaining a home loan begins once you select a mortgage lender, and apply for finance.  If you have ever applied for a loan before, you will know there is a lot of paperwork required.  Applying for a home loan is no different.  But when you work with a mortgage broker, they will help with the application process.  Why not take the stress out of applying for a home loan, and have Wendy de Graaf guide you every step of the way!

Loan processing

Loan processing is all about the administration and paperwork behind applying for a home loan.  And applying for a home loan can be a stressful process!  But not for an experienced mortgage broker like Wendy de Graaf, who will do all the loan processing for you.  She will help you to complete all of the loan application paperwork.  Even better, she will deal with and answer all those awkward questions along the way.  Once the loan submission is completed, she manages the process.  Wendy will track the application with the lender all the way from pre-approval, to final approval and settlement.

Loan approval

Wendy loves nothing more than to ring you up with the good news – “your loan has been approved!”  To Wendy, that is one of the most enjoyable aspect of being a mortgage broker.  To see people achieving their goals and buying their dream home.  Because Wendy cares for her clients, she aims to help everyone meet their goals and ambitions.  If you want to get the good news that your home loan has been approved, call Wendy today and get started!