Generally when we think about finding a local business or service provider, we assume we should look for help as close as possible.  But do you really need to Google “mortgage broker near me”?  Or can a great mortgage broker in another town, city or state of Australia help you just as well. Naturally, it feels preferable to get to know your local mortgage broker.  For some people there is nothing quite as good as meeting face to face.  But these days, you can communicate so very easily online, over the phone, via email or even on Skype.

Wendy de Graaf is a mortgage broker in Brisbane

If you’ve been searching on “mortgage broker near me”, Wendy is available to help anyone in Brisbane or around South East Queensland.  But in reality, Wendy has clients right around Australia.  Because these days, it really is possible to communicate online or over the phone from just about anywhere!  With video link up, it’s not essential to meet face-to-face, in person.  In fact, if you take into account travel times, personal and work schedules and petrol costs… connecting online wins hands-down!

Choose the best mortgage broker

Rather than focusing on the closest mortgage broker, there are other factors that are important when looking for the best mortgage broker.  It pays to choose a broker with the right experience, a proven track record, and also someone who truly cares about you.  You need to build a trusting relationship any time you make a business transaction.  This is especially important with a mortgage broker.  Whether you are buying your first home, an investment property or your dream home, it can be one of the biggest investments of your life.  So it is important to choose a mortgage broker you can trust.  Choose someone who listens to you, and knows how to help.  Here are the key questions you might have when choosing a mortgage broker:

Why choose a broker instead of a bank?

A mortgage broker is all about choices.  The best broker for you has a good relationship with a wide range of different lenders.  They also have many different mortgage products to choose from.  A bank can only offer a limited range of mortgage packages –  with their financial institution. When you use a mortgage broker, you have a much, much wider choice.  Furthermore, that choice is impartial.  You’re not going to get an unbiased recommendation from your bank.

But you will benefit from building a relationship with your mortgage broker.  A broker like Wendy de Graaf, who listens to your needs and strives to understand your lifestyle.  This means that you get a home loan that is tailored to suit your needs, rather than accepting something less than ideal.  Why not ask Wendy to compare home loans interest rates for you?  You can’t ask your bank to do that for you!

Find out what your broker gets paid

It is entirely reasonable to ask how much commission your broker gets paid.  In fact, when you talk to Wendy de Graaf, she will be more than happy to declare the commission up front.  Wendy is also open about the fact that she wants to work with her clients again in the future.  Wendy always strives to find the best deals that serve you for now, but also will work in your best interest in the medium to longer term.

How much can I loan?

Okay, so now we get down to the most important question when it comes to a home loan.  Well, the answer depends on many factors.  Factors such as your earnings, your savings, your liabilities, and what type of property you want to buy.  And this is why Wendy de Graaf is an expert mortgage broker for you to work with and trust.  Each of the variables involved in choosing a home loan package can be extremely personal.  We suggest that rather than searching “mortgage broker near me”, you’ll do well to search for “mortgage broker like Wendy de Graaf”!  And you need to find a broker who listens and understands your personal requirements.

What if I have credit card debt?

There is no doubt that credit card debt can have an impact on your borrowing potential.  But even if you have some outstanding credit card loans, there may be a home loan package to suit your needs.  Wendy de Graaf is skilled at structuring debt consolidation loans to reduce your financial stress.  It can certainly be a good option to consolidate several loans into a single loan, ideally at a lower interest rate.  But what is really important is to find a broker like Wendy who understands your needs and works with you. Don’t run the risk of applying for too many loans, getting knocked back or getting a bad credit rating.  The better option is to choose a mortgage broker who understands the real estate market.  Get the right home loan the first time, every time!

What is most important is that you are working with the best mortgage broker you can. Because the world is so much smaller these days, due to the internet and great online communications, their location matters little.  Don’t Google “mortgage broker near me”, Google “Wendy de Graaf”!

So will you search “mortgage broker near me”?  Or contact Wendy now?

It really is okay to ask a lot of questions before you choose anyone to advice you in financial matters. These questions will help you to get the information you need, and build trust before you sign on the dotted line.  In fact, Wendy de Graaf is the kind of mortgage broker that welcomes as many questions as you like.  Email, phone, via Skype, or Messenger, contact Wendy any way that suits you.  That is the best way to find your ideal broker.  You’ll soon discover if you can work with Wendy in the future.  But you can expect that Wendy will need to ask you some questions also.  There is no need to feel threatened by these questions.  It is the best way for Wendy to match the best home loan package to your requirements and to your lifestyle.

So, don’t Google “mortgage broker near me”, Google “Wendy de Graaf” instead! Wendy is well-placed to help you, wherever you live in Australia.