Next Home Buyers

Are you a “Next Home” Buyer?

Even if you haven’t heard of this term before, thankfully it is self-explanatory!  A first home buyer who has graduated to the next home buyer!  Or maybe a growing family who needs a bigger home to raise the children.  Someone who is selling their first home and upgrading.  Or maybe someone who is looking for an investment property and wants to build a portfolio of property.  But no matter how much experience you have with buying and selling real estate, it is always preferable to go with the best home loan broker Brisbane has available.

Home Loan Broker Brisbane

So, how do you go about considering upgrading your home?

When you find your dream home do you include a Sun-set Clause?  A Sun-set Clause is where the condition of the contract of Sale is based on the selling of your existing home.  Do you sell your home first then rent while you find your dream home? Do you buy your dream home and then turn your existing home into a rental property?

These all have varying possible complications depending on your circumstance, financially, work & family commitments.  Fortunately, an experienced home loan broker Brisbane people have grown to know and trust is available in Wendy de Graaf.  Call Wendy for assistance with such decisions.

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The home loan broker Brisbane people can trust

When it comes to home loans, Wendy de Graaf believes in building trust and reliability.  Wendy has 12 years’ experience as a home loan broker in Brisbane.  Many of her clients can testify about the level of trust, reliability and care that Wendy offers.  In fact, Wendy offers a full range of home loan broker services from first home buyers, to next home buyers, property investors and developers.  And the more experienced that people become with real estate, the more they value the services of the best home loan broker Brisbane has to offer.

Choose a home loan broker that people keep coming back to

Wendy de Graaf is a home loan broker Brisbane people trust and respect.  In fact, Wendy has forged many long term relationships with clients who started off as first home buyers.  These same clients returned to Wendy for assistance with buying their next home.  Other clients returned to Wendy when they decided to buy an investment property.  Wendy has helped many of her clients to become next home buyers!  In fact, Wendy loves that aspect of her business, when she sees people building their dream home, watching their families grow up, and helping them to build a real estate investment portfolio.

Are you looking to upgrade your property?

Wendy is frequently asked “Is it the right time to buy?”.  And “Is the market rising or falling?”

To which she replies: The one thing you need to consider is “Is it the right time for you?”

The one thing you need to consider is “Is it the right time for you?”

There are many reasons for moving up the real estate ladder.  Often a first home can be too small for a growing family.  Or maybe the commute to work just seems to get longer and longer.  Maybe you have found your dream home?  Or maybe you just want to move closer to family and friends.  Maybe you want to move further away?  Whatever your reason, sooner or later, you might find yourself looking to upgrade your property. A home loan broker Brisbane people keep coming back to, like Wendy, becomes your best friend in the move.

Assistance with the home loan and the application process

A home loan broker can help you through the application process.  And Wendy de Graaf can help with home loans and investment loans at no cost to you for her services!  Better still, Wendy spends time to sit with you and discuss all of your personal finance needs.  Wendy can then assess the best choice of lender and home loan package to suit your requirements.  When you are ready to go ahead with pre-approval, Wendy can even help complete the application process, including all the paperwork.

Do you want to refinance your existing home loan?

If you want the best home loan package in Brisbane for your needs, then go with the best home loan broker Brisbane has available to you!  There is no doubt that a dedicated and experienced mortgage broker has access to the latest information and the best products on the market.  The home loan market is changing all the time, and it pays to have access to the most up to date information.  Wendy de Graaf is an experienced home loan broker in Brisbane, with a network tapping into the best home loan products.  No matter whether you want to sell your home and buy or build your next home.  Maybe you want to keep your existing home and move into a larger home.  Maybe you want to refinance, build a new home or buy an investment property.  No two home loans are the same, and that is why it pays to speak to an expert home loan broker in Brisbane.

When it comes time to buy your next home, give Wendy a call.

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