Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation Brisbane and beyond

We live in an era where credit is everywhere.  It can seem attractive to buy a home with a mortgage, take out a lease for a car, and sign up for that extra credit card just in case.  But at the end of the day, all of these just increase the amount of debt.  It can be a bit of a shock to suddenly realise the total amount of the accumulated debt.  The problem is that credit cards, personal loans, car loans and home loans all have different interest rates and terms and conditions.  For example, credit card interest rates are more expensive than the average home loan interest rates.  For many people, it can get out of hand and become stressful to make several different repayments and try to make ends meet.  Wendy de Graaf regularly assists people with debt consolidation Brisbane, and beyond.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is basically a process of combining several loans and bundling your existing debt into a single loan.  The benefit of choosing to consolidate debt is to choose a lower interest rate than you are currently paying.  Debt consolidation can also help you to better manage your repayments, by reducing many bills into a single loan repayment each month.  Of course, you need to be aware that there is no escape from the total amount of debt owed.  But rather, the repayments can become more manageable, and save you money over the longer term.  So, debt consolidation can ease some of the financial stress that builds up through various means.

Debt Consolidation Brisbane

Debt consolidation may be the answer

If you are feeling under financial stress, with things seeming out of control and hopeless, Wendy de Graaf may be able to help.  Wendy is an expert in debt consolidation Brisbane people have come to rely on.  If you find yourself having trouble making many different repayments – don’t panic!  Wendy believes that there is often great potential to consolidate various different loans into a single consolidated loan. This new loan can often be refinanced at a lower interest rate.  So, this makes the repayments easier to manage.  Give Wendy a call if you have any questions about debt consolidation in Brisbane or anywhere you are in Australia.

Credit History

Most Banks/Lenders calculate your credit history and apply a credit score to the risk of lending. You can check your credit history online at Every time you enquire or apply for credit, the Lending institute will do a credit check on your history. Even if you do not proceed, the enquiry remains on your file and the more enquiries you do, the lower your credit score will get. Multiple home loan enquiries can lower your credit score greatly. Online enquires to see if you are able to get a Credit card or personal loan, automatically do a credit check and this is listed on your history.

Expert debt consolidation Brisbane people know and trust

Debt Consolidation BrisbaneWhat sets Wendy apart is her genuine concern for and demonstrated commitment to people and their Community.  Wendy has a number of active, important and prominent roles in her own Community.  What has that got to do with debt consolidation Brisbane people?  What it means is that Wendy has integrity, and a genuine caring and concern for the well-being of people.   Wendy de Graaf is a home loan Broker in Brisbane and aims to help the financial stress on Australian families.  Through personal experience, Wendy understands the ups and downs that life brings.  Why not use Wendy’s experience and knowledge of debt consolidation, to make life easier for you.

Wendy is a big believer that no Australian should have to go bankrupt, and that Australian families should not have to lose their family home.  No matter what your circumstances, if you need an expert in debt consolidation, Brisbane based but able to service clients around Australia, simply call Wendy de Graaf for help!

Wendy’s experience in debt consolidation, Brisbane and Australia Wide

Wendy has over 12 years’ experience in the finance industry as a mortgage broker.  So she has seen many ups and downs in the economy, including the Global Financial Crisis which affected many of the home loan banks.   With such a depth of knowledge and experience available to you, there is no need to make costly and distressing mistakes.  Wendy strives to relieve the financial stress for Australian families.  No matter what your financial circumstances, Wendy has experience with debt consolidation Brisbane families can benefit from.  Wendy is passionate about helping families escape from financial stress and get control over their futures.  So why not give her call today.

If you want to speak to a caring and compassionate home loan broker with a social conscience, call Wendy de Graaf on 0407 447 822.