A finance broker Brisbane people know and trust

Finance Broker BrisbaneWendy de Graaf is a Mortgage and Finance Broker in Brisbane with a mission to ease the financial stress on Australian families.

Through personal experience, Wendy knows the stress that comes with finding oneself in financial difficulty.  Both individuals and families can benefit from Wendy’s experience and knowledge of the Mortgage Industry.  So having access to the services of a person with this knowledge, experience, skill and heart, serves to make lives easier.  Wendy is a big believer that no Australian should have to lose their family home, and that no Australian should have to go bankrupt.  There is always a solution for whatever financial stress you find yourself in.

But you need to do the research, and ask the right questions.

If you are looking for an experienced and well established Finance Broker Brisbane based, call Wendy de Graaf!

Wendy’s experience as a Finance Broker Brisbane – and across Australia

With more than 12 years’ experience, Wendy de Graaf is more than qualified to help.  Wendy has navigated many changes in the finance industry over the years, including the Global Financial Crisis in September 2008.   Why not take advantage of Wendy’s experience and knowledge to help with your financial goals?  Wendy aims to relieve the stress of looking for finance.  No matter what your financial circumstances, Wendy has the knowledge of the finance industry to find a solution.  Wendy gets the greatest pleasure from relieving your financial stress, so that you can get on with enjoying life.

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A passion to help people with finance

Through personal experience, and understanding clients’ needs, Wendy has been able to help people be smarter with their money.  Life tends to serve us with different highs and lows, and money is no different!  No matter what path we are on, we all need support and guidance.  Especially when it comes to finance!  Not everyone can be an expert in everything.  So, why not let Wendy de Graaf take care of your finance needs, so you can enjoy life?  Knowing you’ve done what you have to do on the finance front, with an expert guiding you, you can relax.  Wendy has a passion to listen to clients’ needs, and be understanding and supportive.  This is the basis to being the best finance broker in Brisbane.  Wendy de Graaf is a finance broker Brisbane people know and trust.

“Your finance is approved!”

The most enjoyable time in Wendy’s day is to contact a client to advise them: “Your finance has been approved!”  It gives truly great satisfaction to help First Home Buyers and families obtain the finance to buy the biggest and most important asset in their life.  There is no greater feeling than hearing the joy when they get the good news.  The satisfaction of helping people with finance is so uplifting that it makes every day worthwhile.  When you need an expert finance broker Brisbane people rely on, call Wendy de Graaf to get your finance approved!

Help to overcome finance issues

The other side of the coin is when a client may have reached their borrowing capacity and they are not able to proceed at the moment.  But Wendy de Graaf has the experience and knowledge to overcome many finance issues.  So, in these cases, Wendy assists to come up with a plan to turn it all around.  Wendy is equally passionate about helping people out of financial difficulty with a financial plan.  Many times these families are able to get on track faster than expected with the knowledge they can do it and confidence to make it happen.  Wendy is skilled in helping them assess whether they are able to obtain finance to move into their family home and how best this can be achieved.

So often Life can be hard and even cruel, due to no circumstance of our own. Bad Credit History, marital breakdown or financial matters can be assisted with the knowledge of where to find the information necessary and how to commence the plan and process. Sometimes this may mean a higher interest rate, as the risk is higher or restructuring your finances to suit your situation.

Finance Broker – Brisbane First Home Buyers

Right from the beginning, Wendy has helped First Home Buyers get finance for their very first home.  No matter what your personal circumstances, Wendy can help to determine if you are eligible for the First Home Buyers Grant.  It can be difficult for first home buyers to save for a deposit, search for an affordable home, and to search for a home loan.  Why not call Wendy de Graaf for a free consultation from an expert mortgage broker?  Wendy can assist first home buyers to complete all of the paperwork, establish what they are entitled to, and to find a stress free mortgage that suits their lifestyle.

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Need help with home loan finance?

Wendy de Graaf has a proven track record at helping people through all kinds of problems.  Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we can have a default payment or some other issue on file.  Even if we are not aware that there is a problem with our credit history or lending criteria, Wendy is a finance broker who can help.  Wendy has experience at removing defaults from the credit history, overcoming blockages, and reducing home loan repayments.  Furthermore, Wendy is able to help clients not only in Brisbane, but all over Queensland and across Australia.

Are you doing it tough with finance?

If you need a supportive and caring approach with your finance situation, then Wendy de Graaf is an ideal expert to call on.  She has helped even the most emotional clients through divorce and property settlement.  There is no doubt that navigating some of the most emotional times of life can be difficult.  Wendy has helped many people to meet the demands of Family Law, property settlement and completing all of the lenders approval paperwork.  It takes a special person to help navigate through the toughest times in life.  But Wendy de Graaf is a just the right kind of finance broker that you need.  Because, she wants nothing more than to see you keep your family home and assets.

What does it really take to be a good Finance Broker Brisbane people?

Wendy de Graaf takes her job seriously.  Wendy is a professional finance broker, with a broad network of mortgage brokers, lenders and industry experts.  She regularly attends lenders workshops, forums and financial industry expos.  Wendy is also a qualified Justice of the Peace, with connections in the finance industry.  But Wendy believes that the secret to her success is more than just finance.  The secret to being the best finance broker Brisbane has available is being able to listen to clients issues, and to understand their requirements.  Wendy is a big believer that there is always a solution to any issue.  Furthermore, she will work tirelessly to find a way past obstacles.  Sometimes it just takes patience.  So, often you can achieve your financial goals if you take the time to get things right.  Wendy is honest and upfront with clients, and sometimes it may take a little longer to reach that goal.  But as with many things in life, finding the right expert help makes all the difference.

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